Thursday, May 17, 2007

David Lynch Furniture

"I day-dream of furniture" -David Lynch

David Lynch designs furniture. I think that's really cool.
He seems to like everything I like-wood, designing furniture, coffee and David Lynch films.
Influenced by mid-century minimalist design, David Lynch created a line of furniture a few years back and which was sold exclusively through Casanostra, a design company based in Switzerland. Some of Lynch's first pieces were sold through Skank World, a mid century furniture shop in Los Angeles.
Pictured are a couple of those pieces. They are simple and complex-eye catching and improvisational-much like his films.

His furniture is also featured in the movie Lost Highway, where his personal home (designed by Lloyd Wright) serves as one of the settings. An article from Form Magazine further discusses David Lynch's design influences and inspirations.

His aesthetic, lifestyle and vision inspires me. I also day-dream of furniture.

search The City of Absurdity website under furniture for links to archived information.
reference "David Lynch", by Justus Nieland for more info on furniture/art design


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I think that's really cool.
He seems to like everything I like-wood, designing furniture, coffee and David Lynch films.

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