Monday, April 9, 2007

Circular Saw: Tabitha Babbitt

I was just in the power tool section of a home improvement store, what some might call a citadel of manhood, at least "mannishness", surrounded by sharp edges & high torque motors, the creative powers of the gods held in one's hand. I could almost hear the ghost of Tim Allen barking with delight at the power of a 10 inch blade chewing its way through a helpless piece of birch that screams, as some muscular man imposes his masculine demands on it. Nothing could be more manly than a screeching, dust spewing, completely undaunted circular saw...
Don't bark too loudly he-man, the circular saw was actually invented by a sweet little Shaker lady named Tabitha Babbitt in the early nineteenth century!

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Anonymous said...

I am working on a school project which requires tat I only use tools invented before 1895. Do you know when the first electric table saw was invented? Thanks for your time.



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