Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Beautiful Kitchen

I was sitting in a local falafel place having dinner when I over heard a man and a woman at the table next to me.
She said, "I'm sorry the food is so spicy I didn't know."
"It's fine" he said.
"Because we could go somewhere else"
"No it's fine"
They quietly ruminated over their spicy falafels until the woman pulled out a 9x12 sheet of typing paper. On it, hand drawn in ballpoint pen, was a rendering of what seemed to be kitchen cabinets. Crude measurements and cryptic scribbles lead me to believe she was the uncertain architect.

"So, I was thinking something like this-it would look like wood but wouldn't be made out of wood. There's a lot they can do nowadays. I'm sure we could put some sort of thermal skin on it...".
I have no idea what she is talking about.
"All these plastic laminates are less expensive and last longer. Wood is just too fragile", she said, as she reached into her bag. She hoisted out an overstuffed folder and began constructing a table top collage that would rival Russell Crowe's assemblages in "A Beautiful Mind" (if he was obsessed with kitchens).

As she rifled through one torn magazine clipping after another she would occasionally hand one to the man and say,
" See that's what I mean, except it won't be wood"
"The wood is nice", he said.
"Really? Because I didn't think you'd be interested in wood."

Meanwhile, every single page of these disemboweled home improvement magazines had pictures of kitchen cabinets that were made out of..wood!

She continued, "Well, it's just the wear and tear...with the kids. Let's say the cabinets get hit with a frisbee.."
At this point I wanted to ask her, "Why are your children playing frisbee in the kitchen?"

Just as my confused intrigue peaked-she rustled up her table top chaos. Stuffing it back into her bag she said, "Well, I can stop at a few shops and see what they can do. I really didn't know this place would be so spicy-you want to get some empanadas?"
"That's fine" he said.


Anonymous said...

Do you do kitchens?
Is that your kitchen?

The Sensitive Carpenter said...

Yes, the picture is of a kitchen I designed and built.

Anonymous said...

wow! that kitchen looks amazing!

The Sensitive Carpenter said...

It was a pretty fun job.

AK Blogger said...

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Seigle, Lucy said...

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