Monday, March 12, 2007

Piece on Earth

Wood comes in so many colors: red, yellow, white, purple, green, brown, black and even zebra.
I love using these woods as if they are paints on a palette. I combine diversely colored hardwood scraps to make one of kind cutting boards.
Little pieces of maple, walnut, birch, cherry, purpleheart, wenge and padauk can become a beautiful composition with the help of glue, clamps and some imagination.
The woods of North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America look so good together-almost as if they were meant to be one piece- an international mosaic-a little piece of the world.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful board! Do you sell them?

The Sensitive Carpenter said...

Yes-Visit the link to Domus on my homepage.

Anonymous said...

I have one of your boards in my kitchen and get so many compliments. Thank you!


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