Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Twin Peaks & Douglas Fir

Driving into the small town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer, FBI Agent Cooper notices the 200 foot tall trees flanking the highway. He dictates a memo to his assistant Diane that he must find out what kind of tree this magnificent specimen is-"they're really something". Once in town, he is informed by Sheriff Harry S. Truman that those trees he saw were Douglas Fir and they are the central industry of Twin Peaks. The eerie serene music of Angelo Badalamenti plays as the milling blades are sharpened and Agent Cooper begins his mission of exposing the dark underbelly of a small town in the Pacific North West.

"Diane, 6:18AM room 315-Great Northern Hotel up here in Twin Peaks ..slept pretty well... non-smoking room-no tobacco smell..that's a nice consideration for the business traveler-hint of Douglas Fir needles in the air-"

Fir ( Douglas Fir, Oregon Pine) is a softwood that comes from trees growing in the U.K., Canada, and the Northwestern United States. It's a straight grained reddish brown wood with a pronounced growth ring pattern and the occasional purple streak. Fir has many uses throughout the home building process-from framing and other structural elements-to finish work like trim, cabinetry and flooring. Douglas Fir is a warm "homey" feeling wood that is as elegant as it is casual. It's available in many different grades and serves various functions according to its grade. Main considerations in grading wood are its width and the number of knots or the "clarity" of the wood.

Being a softwood, Fir is pretty easy to mill and the sawdust emits a smell like baby powder & honey. One of the most interesting uses of Douglas Fir I've ever seen was in a turn of the century home that had floors and stair treads made from quarter sawn fir. The quarter sawing process created a swirly, camouflage-like grain pattern that was truly amazing. From its sturdy usefulness, to the rich layered grain pattern, it's no wonder that Douglas Fir is a favorite of this week's muse-David Lynch.


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